I am inspired by architecture which is hands-on, with a keen interest in recycled materials and applications, practices like Nu Architectuur Atelier and Multiplicity show that a direct relationship between the architect and the materials and production of the building can enrich the process of architecture of all those involved.  While working for Spowers on ATC Sunshine I was able to put this theory into practice, personally creating the library desk out of a salvaged HQ Ute.  I also delight in architecture which incorporates whimsical or humorous elements, architecture which can make you laugh or smile is a rare and splendid thing.

Of Course buildings aren't everything, and having moved here from Australia, I am always looking out for opportunities to explore this continent and its neighbours.  So far I've been able to Visit Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary, Banff & Montreal as well as a few of our near neighbours in the US, as well as a small side trip to Iceland in early 2014 in the hopes of catching the northern lights.  Despite being in the 11 year solar maximum, we didn't get so much as a glimpse!

At home I enjoy Brewing my own beer, exploring Toronto's food scene and enjoying tabletop games with friends, among other geeky pursuits.  Back in Australia for many years I've worked with my father to restore an old Ford Stationwagon, and I enjoy the opportunity to use my hands as well as my mind.  I've had the opportunity twice now to go curling, and love it though I'm terrible at it!