A unique opportunity came in the form of a project to create a desk for the library at a new technical college in Melbournes outer suburbs.
 Building nine was originally built in the 1930's as a radio communication & engineering building.  Through successive renovation, the glazed brick internal hallways had been largely covered over, and partially demolished.  This major refurbishment of the building was an opportunity to pare back the layers and take a fresh look at this aging structure.
 RMIT University, expanded their Vietnam satellite campus with a second building. Seen here, the facade of the lecture theatre is clad in folded perforated metal panels and is lifted over the entry to the subterranean car parking,
 Ground floor of the building addressing the street frontage contains a quadruple height atrium announcing the entry.  Elevations of serviced apartments above are a mixture of glazed and folding metal screens to the facade.
 The Redevelopment of a former Television Station lot in Richmond, an established inner suburb of Melbourne.
 Image here shows the tower at 60 stories in height, this development, now approved by Melbourne city planning department will be substantially taller than nearby developments.
Development Floorplan
 Edson Continuing Care is a part of the new Edson health centre, currently under construction in Edson AB.  I worked on this project from DD through to bid at Dialog in 2013.
 Pictured here is the dining space for the residents on site restaurant.  With less than a week to develop a concept and put together a design proposal, a small team of two interior designer and myself put together a concept package, of which these images represent a fraction.
 Part of this was a re-imagining of the service delivery in the office, with large touch screen self-help terminals introduced to aid clients.
 The York University indoor track extension was initially intended to be completed as a part of the 2015 Pan-Am Games, but was shelved in the lead up to the games.  It has recently been revived and will be completed post-games.